Dance Till Dawn

When I first met Dawn, I didn't quite know what to expect - she was frightened and wary of me; I couldn't touch her for a week. On the following weekend after she came to my house, HOPE volunteer Lois and her previous foster Ruth, came over to help shower her. That was the first time I properly patted her and from then on, it seemed like Dawn completely changed.

Foster Pam and foster dog, Dawn

Her eyes brightened, her tail wagged. When I go out of the house, she will look at me with anticipation, as if hoping I'd bring her along. When I come home, her tail would spin so fast with joy it looked like a helicopter. I guess she just needed time to learn to trust, but once she does, you will see what a delightful girl she really is.

Today, Dawn is the reason I grin so widely in the wee hours in the morning after I get home from a long day at work, and chuckle to myself in the dark when she rolls over and paws my hand gently for belly rubs. Dawn has shown me that no matter the breed, history, age or even number of legs a dog has, all you need is really some patience and love and this can transform a dog fully. The HOPE volunteers have told me how much more docile Dawn has become, which is something I probably cannot appreciate fully as I didn't know her well while she was living in a factory as a stray. However looking at her now, all I see is a sweet, sweet girl who demands so little yet gives so much. Dawn is a priceless treasure to have, if only you would open your doors to this lovable girl.

Dawn's Biodata :
Female, local crossbreed
Estimated 7 years old
3 legged but as good as new 
Perfect health for a senior citizen


Read Dawn's rescue story here.

Written by foster, Pam.
Photo credits : Andrew Tan, Roy Pek