What Does Animal Rescue Mean?

Volunteer, Eason, playing with the doggies at a fish farm

Animal rescue is not about dramatic, over the top rescues. It includes mundane, day to day tasks caring for the dogs we look after on a monthly basis. There are more than 20 dogs under our care, living in factories and farms. Living in the open means constant exposure to ticks, parasites and mosquitoes. These can lead to possible life-threatening illnesses and we try our best to ensure they stay healthy. Tick and heartworm prevention are of utmost importance, therefore we would visit these dogs monthly to apply Frontline and Revolution. Prevention is always better than cure. Treatment for these illnesses are prolonged, costly and extremely stressful for the dogs. Heartworm treatment takes up to possibly 6 months.  We are currently running low on Frontline and Revolution and are appealing for donors.  We need new supplies of Frontline (for dogs 10 – 20 kg and more than 20 kg). Revolution (for dogs 10 – 20 kg and more than 20 kgs) and even Frontline for cats as we will apply for the felines as well when we have sufficient supplies.

Frontline Plus (10kg to 20kg)
Frontline Plus (20kg and above)
Revolution (10kg to 20kg)

Revolution (20kg and above)

Please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg  if you have any leftovers to donate or if you would like to purchase the Frontline/ Revolution directly and send it to us.  

Applying Frontline on the dogs at a fish farm

Volunteer, Jozelle, applying Frontline, helped by a worker

These workers take very good care of the dogs on their compounds. They cooperate with us to ensure their dogs are well taken care of. All dogs are sterilized, vaccinated and on Frontline and Revolution. 

We need your kind support and generosity in our quest to help the dogs stay healthy and happy.