Young At Heart Senior Dog Seeks Refuge (Fido the JRT)

"When I was young, you showered me with love and care, played with me all the time, and couldn't get enough of my cute antics. You brought me out for walks, fed me dinner, gave me baths and laughed when I shook water all over you. You bought me toys, bones to chew on, my very own bed and carried me when the ground was dirty. You brought me to the groomer's to get cleaned up and the vet to get my checkups even though I protested every single time. Years passed and I aged with time as do all living beings. My body is now weak and my health is starting to deteriorate. I am not the cute teenager anymore. You started to get angry with me for every little thing that I did. I'm sorry, I tried but couldn't help peeing all over the place. You stopped fussing over me and left me to be on my own. I sit quietly by myself and my only joy is to look forward to you coming home every day. But when do, you just brush me aside and turn on the TV. One day you called for me to go out as usual, to the park you said, so I happily ran out with you. I turned around to investigate a new smell and got lost in the moment as usual. But this time round, you didn't wait for me to be done. I looked around and started to panic, I ran to all our usual spots but you were not there. It hit me then, that I would never see you again. What did I do wrong? I thought you would love me forever?" - Fido. 

Fido at the vet with his rescuer and Hope volunteers

Fido was found wandering the streets around Woodlands by a kind, animal-loving couple. They are not able to house him as they have 2 other dogs and a baby. They put up lost & found posters on the streets and on social media. They also informed SPCA and AVA but after 3 weeks, there was still no response; no one came to claim him. The sweet boy was most likely abandoned. They contacted HOPE Dog Rescue; we met them at the vet, and HOPE paid the vet bills to get him a thorough medical checkup.

Fido is a very sweet boy, look at that face!
His nails had not been trimmed for a long while

Fido is a senior Jack Russell Terrier and estimated to be 7-8 years old. He is well-trained and will automatically go to the toilet to poo, but he also has a habit of marking. He gets along well with both dogs and kids and tends to grow attached to people he meets. He suffers from separation anxiety, as is expected from being abandoned, and will bark when left alone. He is also suffering from an enlarged prostate due to old age or not having been sterilised earlier, but as there is no mass in the prostate, he just needs to be on Saw Palmetto Supplement for his condition. A 2cm mass was found in his spleen but the vet is currently monitoring his situation and will perform an ultrasound in 4-6 months’ time. He has since been sterilised and has no other health problems!

Fido loves car rides!

He needs a calm and patient owner who has the patience to teach him that it’s okay to be left alone at home. He only asks to belong to someone once again; to have someone love him as much as he will love them; to give him warm loving pats and reassure him that he is not going to be abandoned again. He urgently needs a foster now as he is at a commercial boarder and the fees are adding to our already mounting debts. In the long run, he of course hopes to find his forever home. Will you be the one?

Email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg to help Fido.

What a handsome Fido

Slightly overweight at 11kg

Written By: Ingrid Wee