Wang Wang Rejoices

*Note from HOPE : A picture paints a thousand words and this special article will feature lots of photographs, sharing the ups and downs of a street dog named Wang Wang. We would like to show you photographs of how Wang Wang was, when he was first found on the streets. Just looking at the sorry state he was in, brings tears to our eyes. To add to that, he was almost blind, in pain, suffering and dying.

Wang Wang (right) in the factory before he was rescued
Alone and long suffering
Look at his penis, tumour ridden, he was just leaking pee and yet all he cared about was food and survival
Finally, a bag of bones, at the vet
These are his stories :

Today, 8 months later, Wang Wang is a much happier dog. Changed, if you could say so. Although he isn't cured from his cancer and pain, he at least has a family who loves him truly and is willing to go to the end of the world with him. Thus we will also be sharing lots of happy photographs.

Wang Wang's case has touched our hearts many a times, over and over again. His courage, his resilience, his never say die attitude, despite being in his darkest hours with no end in sight, he never gave up. Travis was touched by Wang Wang's genteel nature and despite Wang Wang being very sick, him and his family decided to adopt Wang Wang. They took Wang Wang in knowing that life may not be smooth sailing for them. All they wanted to do was to give Wang Wang a home and love. For that, we will forever be grateful to Travis for opening his home and heart to Wang Wang, to love him with all their hearts, making him the happiest doggy in the whole wide world.

Below, Wang Wang's rescuer, Hedy, shares her story.


Having done volunteer work with stray dogs for some years, I have seen my fair share of injured and pitiful dogs. Wang Wang, however, holds a special place in my heart. He is not just another regular rescue with one of the usual injuries. He is Wang Wang, a wang-der-ful dog that has ‘wang-ed’ (brought prosperity to) many volunteers and his new family. I am so proud and happy to be one of the few people lucky enough to be a part of his furrytail (read fairytale!) and to witness his transformation. Since September 2014 to the time that Hope rescued Wang Wang, I had seen Wang Wang in the nights looking cagey, mucky and very dejected. What struck me then was how raw and bloody his penis was. There were several blood-filled holes in it and half the penis was missing! It was a sight. I shudder to think how painful it must have been for Wang Wang to pee or endure the months of having his bony frame battered by cancerous cells.

Wang Wang clowning around at home

Wang Wang looks so adorable with his Labrador-like innocent and blur face. I could not bear the thought of him having to go through any form of suffering at all. When you look at him, you immediately feel like pinching his cheeks, giving him a dozen (or more!) hugs and showering him with pats and kisses. His eyes seem to say ‘Thank you for loving me even when you know my days are numbered…… I am really grateful! I hope you can feel my love for you too.’ 

I tried seeking help for Wang Wang but to no avail. I really wished I could bring Wang Wang home but I had my hands full with another dog suffering from TVT  and five puppies who had survived parvovirus. I could only look on with despair to see Wang Wang's penis rotting away day by day. I was really up the wall. Thank goodness I found a saviour for Wang Wang in Hope Dog Rescue. In December 2014, I spoke to Hope Dog Rescue and brought them to see Wang Wang. They kindly stepped in to save Wang Wang despite a lack of funds. I cried tears of joy knowing that there is a chance that Wang Wang could finally be saved.

In order to help Wang Wang, we had to trap him first and send him to the vet. In the process of doing so, we realised how wary of humans Wang Wang was. There was no way to coax him to come near us at all. We tried to engage the help of the factory workers but poor Wang Wang was misunderstood even by these workers who lived with him. The workers claimed that it was well-nigh impossible to catch Wang Wang as he was aggressive and would bite. That cannot be further from the truth. How could Wang Wang be aggressive? He is one of the sweetest boys ever. The workers were dismissive of the concerns that we expressed over Wang Wang’s condition. They kept telling us his penis was fine since the rotten parts had already been bitten off in a scuffle over a female dog (there were three male dogs with the same condition in varying degrees of severity). The workers repeatedly told me not to worry as they would apply cincaoyou on him. I flinched. Cincaoyou??? What kind of remedy is that? Poor Wang Wang, what did this sweetheart do to deserve such smarting pain? Wang Wang’s stoic exterior belies his timid, shy, sweet and goofy nature. He looks like he can weather all storms but inside this old man is really just a tired and gentle soul waiting to be loved and protected. One of our volunteers lovingly calls him ‘baby ayam’ to denote how easily spooked this timid little boy is. He most certainly is not an aggressive dog as how the workers had depicted him. 

Once we managed to trap Wang Wang, we rushed him to the vet where the Hope team was already on standby. Everyone was horrified to see the extent of Wang Wang’s lifeless and bloody penis. It was dripping blood like a leaking water tap. Yet, poor Wang Wang had nowhere to go. He had to be warded in and out of four different hospitals due to a lack of cages. Even as a grown-up, I cannot imagine having to be shuttled between four different hospitals when I am already in so much pain. Poor Wang Wang… one can never imagine the pain that he has to go through.

After dealing Wang Wang a cruel hand, fate had worse things in store for him. The vet started Wang Wang on chemotherapy treatment for TVT and had more unpalatable news for us. He informed us that Wang Wang’s cancer cells had multiplied and spread. The pitiful boy now had tumours in his liver and spleen as well, not just his private parts. Wang Wang was too weak to undergo general anaesthesia, so it was not advisable for him to undergo an operation to remove his penis and spleen.

In the interim, we could only continue with the chemotherapy treatment for Wang Wang to keep his cancer cells in check. Before Wang Wang moved to a foster’s place where volunteers took turns to look after him, he stayed in the clinic. He only had four walls for company and had to be quarantined in a tiny, enclosed room. Besides having to endure the pain of chemotherapy, Wang Wang had to learn to deal with loneliness and boredom. With the chemotherapy, Wang Wang became very depressed and downcast. There was no sparkle in his eyes and he had a very poor appetite. We tried means and ways to coax him to eat but he was a stubborn old man (a very cute one though!). From a strong dog who could fight with other dogs for a female dog, he became reduced to skin and bones. Whether it was from a bird’s eye view, side or front view, Wang Wang was thin as a rail. It pained our hearts to see that. 

When Wang Wang could finally be discharged, volunteers took turns to look after him round the clock, showering him with endless tender loving care. They were eager to meet this cute boy whom they had read so much about and went to the foster’s place with great anticipation. When they finally met him, they melted. He was so sweet. Although he was withdrawn and shy, not particularly friendly, they could see that he was very easy to care for and just takes some time to warm up to others. He doesn’t stuff his face into your lap for pats or shower you with licks and kisses, but he is sweet in his own unique Wang style. You can really see the appreciation in his eyes when you pat his head. The volunteers got much gratification from stroking Wang Wang and seeing how it helps him feel loved and get used to human touch. Wang Wang gradually started wagging his tail and following the volunteers around the house. The volunteers were so touched and wanted to cry when they saw Wang Wang’s progress. Wang Wang was at the foster’s place for a really long time, almost 5 months if I am not wrong. The volunteers had grown really attached to Wang Wang during this period of time and were all proud mummies and daddies who looked upon him with great affection. They brought Wang Wang out for walks, fed him his medicine, brought him to the vet, cooked and fed him, played with him, talked to him, took selfies with him, kissed and hugged him and basically just kept him company. Soon, Wang Wang gained weight and confidence. From trying to escape the premises to hiding in a corner of the room, Wang Wang started walking around the house and posing for pictures. He is such a darling! All the volunteers who had the lucky opportunity to care for Wang Wang fell head over heels in love with him and commented on how easy it is to care for him. All Wang Wang needs is plenty of pats, hugs, kisses, a roof over his head, walks and nourishing home cooked meals. He is ok with being left alone to chill at times and does not demand much.

Wang Wang spending quality time with his new Papa Travis.

After several posts about Wang Wang and appeals for him to be fostered or adopted, no offers were forthcoming. The Hope team was getting very worried. Wang Wang also seemed to be wondering where his furever home was. Then came 4 May 2015, when a lovely family stepped forward to ask about Wang Wang. Somehow, this family felt different. From the start, it felt like this was it. Of course, we had our doubts too, but this family was very sincere and we decided to give this family and Wang Wang a chance. Boy, are we happy we made this decision. It was one of the best decisions Hope had made. Wang Wang had found the perfect missing piece in his life.

Gone Fishing!

Wang Wang's new siblings

When the volunteers sent Wang Wang to his new home, Wang Wang seemed to know he was going to leave the place he had gotten so used to for the past few months and refused to smile in any of the photographs that the volunteers took of him. His tail was tucked in and he did not seem his usual self. He refused to drink or eat when he first arrived at his new adopter’s place, but the Hope team taught Wang Wang’s adopter how to dab some water on his mouth and showed the family what to feed him, how to walk him and how to take care of him. Soon, Wang Wang got accustomed to his new family. The kind adopter and his family got on famously with Wang Wang. They loved each other and went on outings with each other. The adopter would brush Wang Wang’s fur after each walk, clean his paws, play with him and shower him with all their love. There was once they even dressed Wang Wang up as a fisherman! How adorable! They also put Wang Wang’s photos up on their wall. So sweet and cute! Wang Wang loves the family so much that when the Hope team went to visit him recently, he seemed so afraid that we would take him away to a foreign place again. Wang Wang has really blossomed into a happy smiley boy and we are all really happy for and proud of him. Bless you Wang Wang. You must have been an angel in your past life. You still are and will always be.

Photographs of Wang Wang take centrestage in his new home

On behalf of Wang Wang, THANK YOU TRAVIS and your two cute darlings for loving Wang Wang!!! With your love and warmth, Wang Wang has forgotten his suffering and the fact that he may not have long to live… he finally has a family of his own and can spend his final days in happiness. Wang Wang has left a huge paw print in all our Hope volunteers’ hearts. We are sure he has left many pawprints in your family too (both literally and non-literally) and will always be a part of your family. Wang Wang lives happy ever after! YAY!!!

Wang Wang enjoying a stroll in the park, no longer having to worry about being attacked by other strays

Written by Hedy (Wang Wang’s rescuer)