ADOPT Horlicks (HDB Approved)

Horlicks is one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet. True to his name, he is super sweet, warm and endearing like the Horlicks drink! When you see him, you might think, hey he seems perfectly fine and healthy, why does he need to be rescued? Indeed, Horlicks is in the pink of health. He is also young, healthy, sterilised and microchipped. However, he is just not suited to living on the streets. We could not bear to leave him to his own devices. The poor boy used to live with his two best friends, Milo and Kopi, in the outer area of the factory that we rescued him from. When we went feeding, he would sit on the grass patch outside the factory, smile at us and wag his tail at us. He would retreat whenever we tried to go nearer to pat him though. That is how fearful he was of humans. He must have been the subject of lots of victimisation and bullying before. The poor boy…… As if being a stray was not tough enough, the factory owners vacated the premises and took Horlicks’ two best friends away with them to the new factory, leaving Horlicks behind to fend for himself (not because they did not like him but because they were unable to catch him). Although there were more than 10 other dogs and puppies belonging to another pack living on the inner premises of the factory, Horlicks could not join them. The other dogs would bark at him and bully him when he tried to get close to them. The poor boy was ostracised, sad and lonely. Our hearts broke to see Horlicks sitting on his own and looking lost and forlorn when we went to feed the dogs in the vacated factory.

Horlicks is now a changed boy. He is sweet, affectionate, playful and fun-loving. He is so adorable! He would entertain himself with his toys, throwing them into the air and attempting to catch them. It is almost impossible not to fall in love with him with his cute antics, sweet nature and Sharpei frown. Horlicks loves his food and is not a fussy eater. He also gets along fine with dogs and children and shows no sign of aggression at all. He is still timid and scared of being outdoors as he is a fresh rescue, but he is gradually beginning to enjoy walks outside. From having to spend up to an hour trying to coax Horlicks to walk, Horlicks can now play ball during his walks! So cute! We believe that with love and patience, Horlicks will soon blossom into a confident dog. Would you be the kind one to show Horlicks the love and patience he needs? Want to get your dose of Horlicks sweetness without having to buy a cup of Horlicks drink?

Email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg today to adopt our pawfect Horlicks!

*Horlicks shows you his revolver tail wags and gives you lots of sloppy licks*

**Horlicks is a male, local crossbreed, about 1 year old, healthy and HDB APPROVED.

Written by: Weiling