Saved From A Makeshift Shed (Kimmy)

Sweet, Affectionate Kimmy!

Kimmy smiling and getting her first bath ever
Hi, my name is Kimmy and I am still looking for my forever home. If you bring me home, I guarantee that I will be the sweetest companion because I simply love humans! I will give you kisses and lots of hugs every day! I am about 5-6 years old, small enough to be HDB approved, they say I am almost the same size as a Cocker Spaniel, and have a giant heart full of love! I love home-cooked food and going for walks in the park. I will need some time adjusting to other dogs but cats, cats are the enemy! Just kidding, I think I can learn to love them too if you teach me how.

Kimmy is HDB approved! She is very small and 13kg only.

Finally getting to chill and enjoy the life she deserves. Kimmy walks very well on leash

I used to live on a golf course, and can remember feeling the grass on my paws as I ran happily up and down. One day, someone made a complaint because they didn’t like the sight of me and my freedom, so the management caught me and locked me up in a makeshift shed. Overnight, I lost my freedom and my life. I could no longer feel the grass under my paws, neither could I run and play. He told me that other heartless humans who played the silly game with a stick and a ball made him do it, and this was the better alternative to being sent to the place where we go to sleep forever. I looked at him with sad eyes but accepted my fate. I stayed in the small makeshift shed for a year, often going hungry, so hungry, for days because no one remembered to feed me. When they did remember, I only had scraps of bread and this caused me to have food intolerence which resulted in diarrhea and I was in a lot of pain as my anus was sticking out from the constant diarrhea! I was tick infested and my shed was filled with poo for months on end. . . imagine the stench and filth I lived in. I could only sniff the air outside and remember what it was like to be free.

All we could do was sniff the outside air
I started losing weight and my fur was so badly matted that I barely resembled a dog. I guess one of the workers must have felt very sorry for me and contacted Hope. Hope volunteers came to visit me and found that I had 3 other friends locked up with me too in separate sheds next door, but they took me first as my condition was the worst. I was sick, coughing, had a rectal prolapse from all that diarrhea, and had  severe heartworm. The workers agreed to release me to the volunteers, who rushed me to the vet where I was warded immediately.

Kimmy had a rectal prolapse - caused by long term diarrhea and  a food allergy to bread; the workers fed her plain bread as and when they remembered to feed her.

My friends I left behind
They continue to live in the makeshift shed
My third friend that I left behind - taken for her weekend walk by a Hope volunteer
Months have passed and I am all better now. Where most dogs only need one round of heartworm treatment, I needed two rounds of heartworm treatment as our makeshift sheds had tons of mosquitoes and I was bitten mercilessly everyday. A kind lady is sponsoring my stay at a commercial boarding house and I am truly grateful for that. I am happy that I am now out of the horrible makeshift shed. Sadly, three of my friends are still caged there and I had to leave them behind. Hope doesn’t have the capacity to take them out and I can only imagine how cold, wet, sick and hungry they must be as well.

Would you adopt me? I am small, sweet, human friendly, very affectionate and HDB Approved. Take me home so that the volunteers can save the rest of my friends left behind please.

Email the kind humans at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg if you want someone to love you forever!

Written By : Ingrid