Black Is Beautiful. Adopt Blake

After having spent nearly two years in commercial boarding, Blake has finally gotten the chance to know what it feels like to be in a foster home surrounded by a loving family and a fellow dog. Having lived on the streets before he was rescued and subsequently in commercial boarding after his recovery, we were initially apprehensive about his integration into a proper family and if he could get along with the children and the resident dog.

This is his story http://hopedogrescue.blogspot.sg/2013/12/blake-victim-of-animal-cruelty.html

We didn't need to worry. Our reservations were put to rest as the foster came back to us with a glowing report on his behaviour! Blake is a curious boy who loves his walks. He used to pull on his leash out of excitement but will stop doing that once he calms down. He has learnt how to slow down upon command.

He is not fussy with his food and behaves himself during showers. His affable nature allows him to get along extremely well with the children at home, and he is also especially gentle with them and happy with their attention. When the resident dog tries to play with him, he remains calm and collected. Both dogs like to share their toys and treats and he has not displayed any signs of food aggression nor has he ever dashed for his food despite having lived on the streets. In fact, he will wait for his command before he starts eating. Impressive!

Blake is the perfect dog. He displays no aggression towards strangers. He is very smart and knows how to indicate that he needs to pee by pacing around the house or staring out of the window. He knows he needs to wash his paws after a walk and willingly allows his foster to clean him. Without a doubt, Blake has shown that he can fit into a home and integrate with people and other dogs alike. He is a fast learner and all he needs is a bit of patience. His foster strongly feels that he is a very sweet dog and deserves a home where he can be loved and share his love. We think so too, so will you be the one to give him the forever home he deserves?

Blake is a local crossbreed, estimated to be 2+ years old, healthy, sterilized and fully vaccinated.

He is not HDB approved.