Makeshift Friends

What did you do on National Day?

8 of us spent the morning with 3 dogs. These 3 dogs are the friends of Kimmy , who are still left behind in the makeshift sheds.

Volunteers bathing the only male dog there, Marley
As we do each Sunday, we visit them, we split up the work among us so that we can get the most done in the 4 hours that we spend there. Some give the dogs their baths. The lucky ones get to walk and play with them. The rest were assigned to wash and scrub the sheds and clear the surrounding area of overgrown grass. While cleaning up poo, scrubbing slimy floors, and plucking at weeds do not sound very fun, we were more than happy to do whatever we could to make their lives in the sheds a bit more comfortable.

Our volunteer getting a good workout cleaning their makeshift sheds

Pails of water to last them the entire week till our next visit

The dogs are always very happy to see us. They can never wait to get out, and it was no different this particular day. Once they were out, they walked for hours and refused to stay still, as if making up for the rest of the days they were cooped up. It was adorable to watch them only stop for quick water breaks before starting up on their walks again, as if they would never tire!

Volunteer, Weiling, clowning around with Marilyn
*Marilyn is HDB Approved

Handsome Marley enjoying the attention

After the team was done cleaning the sheds, we placed the prepared food of cooked meat and liver down in the sheds. This is always the saddest part of the visit as once the food is placed inside, it is time to return the dogs to the sheds. These 3 have learnt that eating time signals the end of their time out in the open. It is always a struggle to get them into the sheds. They refuse to enter even with the lure of food and the volunteers always have to pull or carry them in. It was especially heartbreaking this particular Sunday, knowing that everyone else was out there celebrating the Nation’s birthday, while we had little choice but to cut short the joy in these dogs’ day and return them to confinement. Alas, they had to go back in, locked up in their makeshift sheds until the next Sunday, when they will be given another small taste of freedom. What a sad life!

Phoebe drying up after her bath

Marilyn loves her bath

Marley and volunteer, Peishang, enjoying the freedom for a few hours before going back to his lock-up

Marilyn and volunteer, Weiling (told you it was National Day!)

More information on these 3 dogs:

Marley – He is the cream colored, a Labrador lookalike and is estimated to be 5-6 years old. He is very sweet-natured and is always giving in to the other two girls. He is very obedient and walks well on leash.

Marilyn – She is the long-coated girl sharing the same shed as Marley. She is small like a Cocker Spaniel and HDB-approved. She is nice and affectionate to humans though she can be a bit bossy with the other dogs. She tries to bully Phoebe next door but is usually nice to her shedmate, Marley. She has been coughing quite a bit, and we suspect she may be suffering from heartworm, just like Kimmy.

This is how Marilyn drinks her water, with one paw in the bowl! 

Marilyn and her makeshift friends love humans. They're all very friendly and affectionate. 

Phoebe – The girl next door. Workers at the site warned us that she was very aggressive so no one had ever patted her. It turned out that she was just scared, not aggressive. It took us 2 weekends before we could finally pat or go near her. Now her sweet nature has started to shine through. When she sees us these days, she jumps on us in joy and is so affectionate and happy to be out of shed. Phoebe is estimated to be around 3-4 years old.

Gorgeous Phoebe. Don't her eyes mesmerize you?

Lunch time also means time to go back to their lock-ups, signalling end of their freedom
Kimmy being sick was a blessing in disguise as that was what prompted her rescue from the sheds. She is now in commercial boarding thanks to a very kind sponsor. Her 3 friends here are not as fortunate. Besides Marilyn who is starting to show signs of heartworm, the other 2 have no visible signs of illness. However, we cannot confirm this as they have yet to see a vet. At this time, seeing a vet would just be a waste of resources as their living conditions do not promote good health or recovery. Only if there are people who will step up to adopt them will we be able to send them to the vet for their much needed check up and treatment (especially in Marilyn’s case).

Getting another good workout, this time with Phoebe 

Marley contemplating if he should take a dip after his bath. Will the volunteers scream "Marley!!!"

If you would like to adopt them and give them the happy lives they deserve, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg. Please make it so we won’t have to spend Sundays at the makeshift sheds again!

Sheds all clean and food is served . . . . . .

Back to their lock-ups . . . till we meet again.