Donut's Out of Surgery

Have you been wondering how Donut has been doing since our previous post about Donut? Well, nut to worry… Donut is a brave and strong girl. She has displayed an indomitable spirit and willpower to continue living and we do-nut have a doubt she will survive and live happily ever after.

We asked Pawsitive Sensations to help massage Donut’s acupoints to stimulate her poo after every method seemed to fail and poor Donut looked increasingly tired and dejected. Thank goodness it worked! We jumped with joy upon hearing that Donut pooped after her massage. She also released some gas from her tummy and started eating again. Phew!

Donut in the recovery suite after surgery

In shock and in quite a bit of pain

Donut’s poop gave us the confidence to send her for her surgery. Dear Donut just came out of the operating theatre; it was a long surgery lasting almost 4 hours. We were there to receive her as she came out of the operating theatre, conscious. She was in obvious pain as the vet had inserted steel plates to hold her fractured spine together. The vet tells us that her spine and nerves are totally severed but we believe in miracles and will continue to hope beyond hope that she will one day walk again. She may no longer have control of her bladder and bowels but we won’t know this till much later.

Her wound is extremely long and painful. What a brave girl she has been.

After the vet had left, we noticed this swollen. We never noticed previously when she had fur.

We wanted to see the xray results after her surgery but the vet said he was really tired and for us to come again in the morning. 

She will need to stay at the vet for about a week, for them to observe her recovery, after which, she will require a foster home.

We are really proud of Donut, how brave she has been and can’t wait for her to start feeling better.

If you would like to help with her vet bills or find out more about fostering requirements, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg Thank you.