Donut's Updates (II)

It’s been almost a week since Donut’s surgery. She’s definitely looking better now and we are heartened to see her appetite picking up. She has also started to sit up sometimes and turns herself, instead of lying down all day. All that said, we are still uncertain if Donut would one day walk again. At the back of our minds, we are still very worried that she might join the Diaper Club.

Donut, resting at the vet

Our volunteers have been taking turns to visit Donut daily and she must be looking forward to these regular patting sessions! Poor Donut must be very bored staying in the room all day by herself that she started chewing on her e-collar (she has to wear one as she has been licking her wound and chewing on her drips). The volunteers have thought of buying toys for her but we doubt she knows what to do with them as, sadly, she never had the luxury of having them as a stray dog.

What a pretty girl - her spirit and will to live is simply amazing! 

Besides giving Donut loving pats during these visits, the volunteers will also bring along food and milk for her. We initially thought she might prefer blended food as it will be easier to chew but seems that this sweetie likes it otherwise! She prefers chunky chicken meat, chicken liver and beef, and will eat them on her own without us having to feed her.

Hiding all her food and refusing to eat

However, earlier this week, it was observed that she was eating her own poop. This is not a good sign as it meant that her body is not digesting the food well and is lacking certain nutrients. The vet has since started her on probiotics to make her stop eating her own poop. On this same note, she has been leaking liquid poo and the vet is not convinced that she’s pushing them out on her own. As such, we will not be feeding her milk for now, so that she can firm up her poo to make sure she can push it out on her own.

Missing her friends, her freedom and wondering why her life was taken away from her so suddenly. What did she do to deserve such fate? 

Our volunteers have also been diligently massaging the paw pads of her hind legs daily but we noticed that the feedback has been inconsistent. Some days she will withdraw her legs but some days she doesn’t. She does move around on her own sometimes, albeit whining a little due to the pain from the surgery. We are hopeful that she has some nerves intact and will continue with these massages to stimulate her senses.

Donut has come a long way and she has been a true fighter! She will be discharged next week but that comes our next concern – where will Donut go? We urgently need a foster or adopter who can take care of Donut as she embarks on her road to recovery. She would need to be kept in a small area as she needs to minimise her movements for 4 to 6 weeks.

Please do not hesitate to email us at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg if you can offer your home to this sweet lady. She will make your life as sweet as donuts!

Written by: Shi Hua