Donut's Updates

Donut dearie is still under observation at the hospital. The poor girl is not out of the woods yet and has been having diarrhoea on a daily basis, but she remains positive and responds well to our volunteers’ visits. 

Minions attending to our sweet Donut

She always shows us an appreciative and sweet face when we visit and seems to have some senses in her hind legs as she would sometimes sit up and try to shift her body around and shows slight movement in her hind legs. There was once the vet literally pulled her leg and she immediately withdrew her leg with a pitiful expression, as if saying “hey! What are you trying to do? It hurts. Stop it please!” This gives us hope and makes us believe Donut still has some nerves intact and might be able to walk, pee and poop with control, in time to come. 

Such a sweetie pie 

Trying to stand up, but she could not

However, Donut has also shown signs of not having any senses left in her hind legs, such as leaving her legs in an awkward position and not having the urge to change it. As such, we do not know how things would pan out and whether Donut does have some senses left in her hind legs.

Donut is on a urine catheter 

Where food is concerned, we were initially rather worried as Donut’s appetite had been quite poor and she had to be syringe fed. We soon realised that the problem did not lie with Donut’s appetite but with her eating habits. As a stray, she is not accustomed to eating from a bowl and would only eat from the floor or the grass. Little wonder then that Donut would eat when we place her food on the pee pads or on the floor but not from her food bowl. She seems to like KFC chicken, home cooked chicken, beef and chicken liver and has been eating them without us having to blend them. We hope she continues to eat well.

She loves being pampered and hand fed. She hasn't learnt to eat from a bowl

Our volunteers have been taking turns to massage the paw pads on Donut’s hind legs to fire her neurons and stimulate her senses, give Donut shoulder and head massages to comfort her and to wipe her body. Hopefully our little efforts would go a long way in aiding Donut’s recovery. We have also been trying to construct a stretcher and trolley for her so that when she leaves the hospital, it would be easier for her future foster or adopter to bring her around.

She misses her friends and her freedom

Donut is slated for discharge next week. After her discharge, she would need a foster or adopter to look after her. Please do-nut hesitate and step forward to foster dear Donut now! Donut will be eternally grateful to you and make your days as sweet as donuts. Her foster would require to keep her in a small area and minimize her movements for 4 to 6 weeks. It is not known yet if she can pee / poo on her own or needs help expressing like our 3 Diaper Club dogs.

Please do not hesitate to email us to find out more her fostering requirements hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg Thank you! We will treat you to donuts.  

Thank you for saving me <3 <3

Written by: Weiling