Vera - A Happy Ending

When Vera first came to us she was tentative, trying to adapt to the unfamiliar people in the house and she never seemed to be fully at ease. Every little motion or sound would cause her to stir, and she would regard other family members with caution. However, after spending a few months with us, she gradually opened up and accepted our place as her home.

Now, Vera will come bounding up to the gate whenever she hears anybody come home, and affectionately seek attention every morning when we come downstairs after waking up. She rarely barks, and even my parents have remarked that she is unusually well behaved. She will never enter the kitchen or take food without us telling her that it is okay to do so, and she loves her favourite spot underneath the large dining table. Simply by being her perfect self, she has found a place in the hearts of the rest of the family.

The thought of Vera having to adapt to a new home once more, after so many times of moving from house to house, eventually convinced us to adopt her. Seeing her totally at ease here, how she wags her tail madly whenever we call her name, makes everything that we have done worth it. Make no mistake, taking care of a dog is a huge commitment and responsibility, but letting Vera into our lives was one of the best decisions we’ve made as a family in 2017.

Written by : DC