Give Adora A Chance

In an ideal world, all puppies would grow up in loving homes, getting treats for being good and being trained on how to be a dog. But this wasn't the case for Adora. Instead, she was severely abused as a young pup. Although she had a home, her family was very cruel to her. She was starved, neglected, and beaten on a regular basis. Her family definitely did not have the time or patience to be dog owners. In fact, everybody would have been much better off if they hadn't kept her for as long as they did. Even growing up on the streets would have been better for Adora, and that's saying a lot.

Adora collapsed as soon as she realized she was safe

And when they finally had enough, Adora's owners decided to abandon her. They took her far, far away from their home, and dumped her. By that point, Adora had been reduced to skin and bones. She was so weak and ill that she could hardly walk. But Adora did not give up. Clinging on to life, and her newfound freedom, she slowly wandered the streets looking for food. Read her story here.

Adora the day she was found. Rescued and sent to the vet immediately

Eventually, Adora found her way into an HDB estate. A kind lady saw her, and was shocked at her appearance. She could count every rib and see every bone protruding from Adora's frail body. That's when the lady called HOPE Dog Rescue for help, and we got to meet Adora. We brought her to the doctor for a check up, and started her on her long journey to recovery.

Adora had been so starved that her stomach couldn't handle more than a few bites of food. For many months, her meals had to be broken up into tiny amounts and fed to her throughout the day, before she finally started putting on weight and getting stronger.

Adora as she is today. She resembles a whippet / hound.

One year later, Adora still bears the mental scars of her abuse. She doesn't know why she was beaten, or what she did to deserve it. She doesn't understand that the cruelty she faced was not her fault. She has yet to learn what happiness is, because she's never had a happy day in her life. She's angry. She has a tendency to snap and bite when you make sudden movements, probably because that was how she used to try to defend herself against her abusers. She also has food aggression. But once you get to know her and she begins to trust you, she won't bite any more. Adora just wants to have friends - human or dog, doesn't matter.

If Adora was a human child, her parents would have been fined and jailed. But she's a dog, and we don't even know who her abusers were. There's no justice for Adora. If you feel angry on her behalf, or sad that this happened to her, please consider fostering or adopting Adora.

Give her a chance. All she wants is a friend, someone that she can trust, to help her overcome her insecurities, her fears, her sadness. Help her to forget her past abuse, and to understand that she now has a new life. Simply put, Adora needs someone to teach her how to be happy and show her all the good things the world has to offer.

Adora is very small, weighing just 14kg and definitely HDB approved

We plead for someone to foster or adopt Adora and help her on this healing journey. Without you, she will remain a miserable dog for the rest of her life.

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Written by: Elena