Babu Boy's Courage

It may not have been the most comfortable of lives; food was not in abundance and his family could not provide the best for him. It was a simple life. But one he treasured and loved.
Babu having his bandage removed last week, with Nicholas by his side.

Thanks to the reckless act of one driver, Babu Boy was forced to leave his family - two other female dogs and the workers at the factory where he lived - behind and live among people he does not know.
While he has received much love from all of you over these past weeks, Babu is depressed and sad to be away from his family. Angry and frustrated to be have his movements restricted, where once he could go wherever he wanted - even taking a leisurely swim in the river.
For those of you who have been reading our blog, you know Babu's story. He was hit by a car and it broke his leg. The first steel plate that was inserted into his injured leg bent under his weight and he had to go through another surgery to insert a stronger plate into his leg.
Babu's wound where the steel plate was inserted

After Babu Boy’s second surgery, he was discharged and placed in a foster’s home to recuperate. However, a few days back, his wound opened and he had to go back to hospital for one stitch.
His leg is looking good and recovering well

This week, he ran a fever and vomited blood. The hospital has conducted an X-Ray and blood tests but found nothing wrong. An ultrasound and check for tick fever, as well as other tests have not revealed any answers. He has an enlarged spleen and the vets are treating him for a gastrointestinal problem. As a precautionary measure, he has been started on medication for tick fever.
He has not eaten for two days and has lost a lot of weight. He wears an e-collar but out of frustration, he keeps pulling out his drip. He may need a blood transfusion and we have to standby a doggy blood donor.
We hope and pray Babu will not get into any emergency situation where a transfusion is needed and we have to scramble to get his blood type.
We are very worried about Babu and sad that he has had to go through so much in such a short span of time.
And so is his family.
Babu Boy and his two female friends living at the workers' quarters

Babu Boy - taken at his home

"Home" photographs courtesy of Sharma - Babu's caregiver. 
They obviously do love him a lot to have photographs of the dogs.

Two workers came to visit Babu today (Friday). They boiled some chicken breast and rushed down after work to see him. Babu was very happy to see them and wagged his tail. He tried to stand up but he was so weak.
We learnt just how attached Babu is to them. The workers told us that every morning at 7am, Babu would stand with the engineer as the workers receive their briefing for the day. When the workers head off to work, Babu would go lie down in the shelter, with his gaze toward the gate, waiting for his family to return at 5.30pm.
The two other female dogs have been missing Babu too. He is their leader. Without him around they have been lost and hide in their container and sleep all day. They only come out during meal times.
Babu's family needs him.
And Babu needs his family.

Babu has been microchipped. Once he is well enough to return to the worksite, the workers will license him with AVA.
We thank everyone for their love and concern for Babu. We are touched by their generous contributions to helping a street dog.
Written by A.Wong