We're Praying For A Miracle For Babu

It is with a heavy heart that we pen Babu Boy's latest update.

His condition has deteriorated rapidly. His ears now have a slight twitching, and one eye has also started twitching – these are signs of further neurological damage. The vet is starting Babu on seizure medication to hopefully delay the seizures. The vet has also started Babu on tube feeding, as he has not eaten in 8 days. 

Babu in healthier and happier days

His family, the workers at the factory, want to take him back as soon as possible, and they have prepared a room for him. We don't mind taking him back, so that he can spend his remaining days with his family. But we're worried that the germs from his illness will be passed to the other two female dogs. 

We want to bring the two females in for a distemper test and vaccination, but the workers won't let us take them, after what has happened to Babu. We understand. They don't blame us, but they don't want anything to happen to the girls as well. The girls are very depressed and have been in hiding ever since Babu, their pack leader, left.

We are terribly sad. We are still hoping for the best, but it doesn't look good. We are torn as to what to do now; if we send Babu back home, it will only be a matter of days that he leaves for good. He will suffer from great distress and pain, going into seizures in the office at the worksite. Rushing him to the vet when that happens will be too late, and he could suffer till the end.

Towels from Babu's family. We have put these in his room at the clinic, hoping that their smell will empower him to keep fighting on. (We thank Veronique for going to pick up the towels)

Yet, we know this is what Babu wants: to be with his family just one last time, to go back to where he grew up and lived all his life. We know he misses his daily swims in the river. (Yes, he is only 3 years old. Way too young to have him taken from us.)

We wish that we could turn back the hands of time, that we had known the signs of distemper... instead of delaying his much needed treatment. Babu is paying dearly for our mistake.

Our hearts are breaking.