Meet Prince And Beano

You've shared our ups and downs; lent us your moral support and donated to our cause.
For journeying with us through this time and contributing to Prince's, Babu Boy’s and Beano's medical bills, we would now like to invite you to our Meet the Prince & Beano session this Saturday (19th May) from 10am to noon (10am-11am for Prince and 11am-12pm for Beano) at Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital at 232 Whitley Road, S(297824).

Currently, our darling Prince's blood count is still below the normal range and his platelet count has not improved. The doctor in charge reckons he may need another blood transfusion. Thankfully, we have 'Favor' on standby, all ready to donate blood to Prince and save his life yet again.
Beano is making good recovery. His wound is healing well because he is young, and he will most likely  not need to stitch his wound.  He will be at the vet for about 2 weeks, until his wound dries up, before going to a foster. Beano is young, playful  - jumpy like a puppy! - and loves eating. He is happy to be alive and loved.
Babu Boy is back in the vet and has been warded for a few days; his wound is weepy and not healing well. We are extremely upset that he is in this discomfort and we hope nothing serious happens to his hind leg.
Please take note of the following :
1) please avoid parking inside the hospital compounds, as it is reserved for customers of the clinic
2) should you wish to donate food to Beano, Babu Boy or Prince, please only donate dry food / kibbles, canned food or treats. No cooked food please.
Prince and Beano look forward to meeting you, and so do we.