A Sick Serial Animal Abuser?

An accident, or the evil doings of a sick serial animal abuser?

They say being human, we’re a more evolved species, capable of thought, empathy and many other emotions. But there will always be the exception to the rule, I suppose. The brutality of what we’ve seen in recent times – was it the work of someone who obviously has no such compassion?

In two short weeks, we’ve come across two cases of dogs with their tails horrifically chopped off. 

On Apr 25, the first dog was spotted by Sis Mary in the HDB area, and on May 5, while HOPE was on its rounds feeding and checking on the street dogs, we came across 3 badly injured strays – with one of them having a huge, raw, bloody wound where its tail should have been.

Spotted by Sis Mary. Photo courtesy of Rajaa and Sis Mary.
We all know a dog's tail is a barometer of emotions. But more than that, a dog's tail is a continuation of its spine, and is made up of 6 to 23 vertebrae. Important nerves near the base of the tail contribute to its bowel movements. The pain of having such a crucial part of the body sheared off … it must have been beyond excruciating. 

For the other two injured dogs we saw, one had a huge gaping wound taking up half his back and the other with a slightly smaller, but deep wound, possibly from a dog fight. 

We are trying to take him to the vet. His wound is deep and maggot infested 

The dog with the bigger wound cannot be approached. He is in great pain and walked with difficulty but is extremely wary of people. They badly need our help.

The injured dog, whose tail had been torn from his body, turned to look at me, tears in his old tired eyes and then he walked off. His pain…I can’t even begin to describe. I could not sleep that night. I think about that dog every day. He needs help and I have to help him.

Dog with tail chopped off. Spotted by HOPE volunteers 
I intend to search for him every night, until I find and save him – because when his eyes met mine for a split second, I felt his pain. Even if I have to put him down, at least I can lessen his pain and suffering.

Some wondered if this was an accident – maybe by heavy machinery? But two dogs in two weeks, both having undergone the same agony of losing their tail. It just seems a little too… coincidental.

If anyone has seen these two dogs, please contact SPCA’s 24 hour hotline for emergency cases 62875355 ext 9 or inform us via whatsapp at 90104202 (Iris). 

They must be saved.