Cassie’s Baby Steps To Recovery

Three weeks ago we managed to save another severely injured stray dog, Cassie, and boy were we thankful we got to her in time to get her treated. The volunteers who were involved in the rescue couldn’t help but feel an extra tinge of agony seeing the terrible shape she was in – protruding ribs and bones, a gaping maggot infested wound right down the side of her neck, the fear and sadness in her eyes.

When we arrived to visit, she was in the midst of trying to tear off her bandage
Good news is, she’s been able to spend most of her days resting now with less worries on being attacked by other strays and is well on her road to recovery! Slowly, but surely. Although she’s still skin and bones thin, she seems to be eating pretty well with a little coaxing, as she still seems fearful when approaching food especially with people watching her. She will usually only eat when she thinks  no one is around. Guess that’s how it’s like with living life as a stray, constantly on the lookout for potential attacks. But with much TLC and cooked food that she seems to enjoy very much, we’re hoping to see Cassie in a better shape and less of her bones real soon!

Her wound is so much better and is a healthy colour
Cleaning her wound
Like any other pet dogs, strays aren’t much different when it comes to craving for human love and affection. She is terrified of coming out of her cage and attempts to take her for walks to pee / poo have stressed her so much that she panics and tries to bite (out of fear) and will have diarrhea from the time she leaves her cage. That’s how deep are fears are. All you need to do is touch her with one finger and it shocks her so much she jumps right out of her skin! The fear in her eyes are permanent, she doesn’t dare to relax until you have closed the gate to her cage and walked off.

Bandaging it up
Cassie can be discharged any time. She has been staying at the vet for quite a long while. What she needs is a loving, patient home environment when she can slowly learn to trust and gain confidence.
To foster Cassie, her foster needs to clean her wound daily and change her dressing. Cassie is fine with the change of bandages as long as your actions are slow and it doesn’t shock her. She is terrified of anything around her neck so going for walks right now is not possible. The foster needs to try paper training her and building her confidence.

Deep down in her, she longs for someone to trust and love her so she can love you in return. She is actually a rather sweet dog; all she needs is someone to show her love.

Will you foster / adopt Cassie and help lift her spirits? Cassie comes from the same area as Cody, and both are equally timid because from where they came from, they never had human contact.

To foster / adopt / help with vet bills, please email : hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg