Sweet Ah Mei Has Been Warded Again

After staying for 3 weeks at the vet for an eyelid reconstruction surgery, Ah Mei was discharged. However within a week of discharge, Ah Mei started having bloody diarrhea, and a few days later, vomiting and inappetence. She became lethargic and we were getting concerned as the recent episode of Bentley’s death was still freshly etched in our minds.
Sweet Ah Mei (taken last week when she was discharged)

Our volunteers, together with Ah Mei’s foster, took her to the vet in the morning where Dr Ly suspected that Ah Mei had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and suggested running some tests to confirm. Blood tests and an ultrasound scan were done on her abdomen where results showed that her colon, spleen and big intestine was inflamed. Ah Mei also had a temperature of 40deg and was immediately warded to be put on drip, to be monitored for 48 hrs and sponged with cold water to bring down her temperature. Dr Ly mentioned that Ah Mei was susceptible to seizures if her temperature was not brought down. Poor Ah Mei, back at the vet in such short a time.

Ah Mei running a temperature and feeling really down
It’s interesting because as a stray living on the streets, these dogs ate whatever they could find and factory workers fed them junk food such as roti prata, fruit cakes, curry rice etc and when they start living in a clean home environment, they show adverse reactions to certain food. IBS can be caused by stress, anxiety or diet intolerance.

We pray that sweet Ah Mei will recover and get well again.

If you would like to help with her vet bills, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg Thank you