Oscar Had A Fit

Oscar was sent to the vet yesterday (Tuesday) as his foster informed us that he had a seizure in the wee hours of the morning, lasting for almost 4 minutes. After the episode, poor Oscar was extremely disoriented and it took a while before he regained composure.

In the recent weeks, Oscar had been having slight vomiting and diarrhea on and off but it really wasn’t cause for concern. What was more worrying was that he often behaved as if he didn’t recognize his foster family or people that he had seen on a regular basis. He would bark at them as if they were total strangers. Oscar would also occasionally fall for no reason and we reckoned it was perhaps a brain issue, rather than a motor coordination issue.

Oscar is estimated to be less than 3 years old but life has been hard. He has indeed come a long way, and his skin looks almost perfect, considering what he used to look like. We thank his foster, Bron, for taking such wonderful care of the little one.

From all that scratching
Some red patchy skin on his jaw 
The vet had checked Oscar and took his blood pressure – all seemed normal and he was bright and alert again. There wasn’t very much that the vet could do except to ask us to observe his behaviour and to give us medication should he have another seizure.

Oscar had his blood pressure taken 
If he gets seizures again and it becomes more regular than it would be recommended that Oscar undergoes a MRI, bearing in mind that a MRI scan will only pick up abnormal growths.

We pray that Oscar will be fine and that his seizure was just a once off.

We often joke amongst ourselves that HOPE seems to have the highest numbers of special needs dogs . . . but isn’t that why they needed our intervention? ADOPT OSCAR? He is small sized, sweet, charming and HDB approved.