A State Of Emergency

It was during one of our feeding rounds when we spotted a heavily pregnant dog. Our hearts sank. Puppies are cute but it also means they will grow up to be stray dogs who will most likely never experience how hugs, pats or even a full stomach feels like. They will face ostracism, hunger and be exposed to the harsh weather at all times.

It was on this very depressing day that we were dealt with another blow. The factory is moving as the government is reclaiming the land back in a month or so, even the electricity will be cut off in a week’s time. What is going to happen to the 25 dogs living on the premises? And there will probably be more with more pregnancies and more puppies. We have to sterilize them and fast. In the past week our volunteers have been going down every evening after work, spending hours at the factory, trapping dogs for sterilization. To date, we have sterilized almost 10, but we have to stop for the time being due to a lack of funds.

This dangerous site is their home

As for mama dog, we had no choice but to bring her to the vet as we do not wish for her to come to any danger. It’s not a good environment, there are heavy vehicles everywhere with mud and debris covering the ground. There are snakes too, hovering below the tyres stored there and so we made the decision to send her in the very next day. It was a close shave because mama dog delivered that very night she was admitted. Honestly, we never expected to receive the news we did the next day. We were probably expecting 5 puppies or max 6? Hold on to your seats guys, we now have TEN PUPPIES!!! We already have 22 dogs and we are trying our darnest best to get them rehomed and overnight we have just increased our numbers by 50%! OMG!

A very sweet mommy. We're not sure if this is her first litter but she definitely knows what to do with her puppies.

Mommy discharging from the vet after a week's stay
Going to her foster home

We think Mommy is one gorgeous Mama! Look at her mesmerizing eyes.

We were very fortunate to have found a foster temporarily (just for 1 month) to house mummy dog with her ten babies while she nurses them. This has given us some breathing space but not much. Puppies grow like balloons fed on helium, just look at Lilliput! Even while we worry about finding them good homes, we also start fretting with potential issues; what if people adopt cute puppies and decide to abandon or return them when they are no longer cute? We can’t look into the future and often when people want to adopt a dog / puppy from us, they promise us the world, but it may or may not turn out the way we expect it to.

We are declaring a state of emergency because there is no way we can afford to keep 11 dogs – mommy dog and her 10 puppies. So if you can help with the following, please email us.

1) Adopt a puppy in a month’s time (we won’t know if they will be HDB approved)
2) Adopt Mommy when she is done nursing
     3) Contribute to mommy vet bill during her stay in the maternity ward
     4) Help sponsor some dogs for sterilization, there are about 15 more to be sterilized