What Is Happiness?

A suspected breeding dog was found roaming the streets in Pasir Ris 3 weeks ago. When she was found, she was tired, thirsty and hungry. Not just that, but she was extremely ill and in intense pain. She had no microchip and so the man who found her took her home temporarily.

Two weeks after taking her home, she stopped eating and had blood in her pee. He had thought she was in heat but things were not as simple. The poor Schnauzer was in such a serious state that had he not sent her to the vet, she may have lost her life. Despite not being able to afford the vet bills, he kindly sent her in, then he wrote to us for financial aid.

Obviously we are not in any position to provide financial assistance when we can hardly stay afloat, but it is our belief that dogs come to us for a reason. Somehow, they find us because they know we will never reject or give up on them. And so we agreed to help pay half of the vet bill and also took over the case.

Have you ever seen such a sad dog? 

We named her Hailey and transferred her to our regular vet.

When we first laid eyes on her, we noticed how bloated her stomach was, she looked pregnant. We also noticed that the lower part of her body is very muscular and her legs were rather bow-legged. Poor Hailey stood for the 2 hours that we were at the vet, not once sitting or lying down although we could see that she was visibly tired. Read on, we’ll tell you why.

Extremely bad teeth

Some teeth missing 

After a thorough check, with blood tests and ultrasound carried out, the vet discovered the following :
  • ·       Her teeth were so rotten, it is likely that many will need to be extracted. She also has some teeth missing.
  • ·       She was salivating very badly, signs of nausea
  • ·       There is a mass in her uterus; this could be a cancerous mass or placenta that was not expelled during her pregnancy. It may have been left inside her body for so long and become so badly infected.
  • ·       Enlarged spleen (which explained why she looked pregnant)
  • ·       Enlarged kidney
  • ·       She has kidney failure
  • ·       Blood in pee could be caused by the uterus being infected
  • ·       She is NOT a senior dog.
  • ·       She is not sterilized.
  • ·       She is not pregnant.

When Hailey’s eyes caught mine, this is what I saw :

  • ·       Eyes that have never seen a day of happiness. Believe me when I say she doesn’t know what happiness is and has never had a happy day in her life. She is resigned to the fate that she is in.
  • ·       She had lots of fear in her eyes, and this is probably the feeling that she has lived with the most. Breeders are known to be fierce and not exactly nice to their breeding stock.
  • ·       Rotten teeth from having been fed a poor diet all her life, to save on costs
  • ·       Muscles on the lower part of her body and bow legs that tell she has been caged all her life, in a tiny cage, standing on the painful metal grating. She could have been locked up in a small cage with many other breeding dogs, thus not having space to lie or even sit, which explains why her legs are bow legged and back muscular. 

Hailey is likely to be 3 to 5 years old only and for so much to be happening in that tiny body of hers at such a young age, one cannot even begin to imagine the pain and suffering she has endured as a puppy mill dog used for breeding and making money for the unscrupulous breeders, the abuse, the neglect and then discarded as trash when she became terribly ill and could no longer make them disgustingly rich.

Look at the fear and sadness in her eyes

She was admitted last Friday and was scheduled for a surgery today to remove the mass in her uterus and sterilization. This morning, the vet called and said Hailey has not eaten since she was warded, is still salivating badly from nausea, despite medicines given and her kidney readings are still bad despite treatment.


In fact, poor Hailey had a seizure this morning. For a dog to go into seizure, her kidney issues would have been left untreated for months. . . . . The vet had to call off her surgery because of her renal failure. Her life is at risk. There is nothing much we can do except to pray that she starts responding to treatment.

Little Hailey has a tail! 

A tiny body that has been overworked, over used and abused

Hailey needs your help with her vet bills, and fostering, if she pulls through. It would be terribly sad if she passed on, not knowing what happiness means.

Did you buy a Schnauzer recently? Hailey could be your dog’s mother and you were a part of that cruelty.