Music CDs for sale

A 2013 Cochrane review concludes that:

“Music listening may have a beneficial effect on preoperative anxiety. These findings are consistent with the findings of three other Cochrane systematic reviews on the use of music interventions for anxiety reduction in medical patients. Therefore, we conclude that music interventions may provide a viable alternative to sedatives and anti-anxiety drugs for reducing preoperative anxiety.”

Bradt J, Dileo C, and Shim M. Music interventions for preoperative anxiety (Review), June 2013

Thinking of what to get for your furbaby for a treat or a special occasion?

We are currently retailing these Music CDs with music specially formulated for pets with the express purpose to reduce their stress and allow them to relax. A relaxed dog is a happy one so go on get one for your furbaby now and you can relax together!

All sales proceeds from the CDs will go towards Hope Dog Rescue. The funds will be utilized for the below activities:

  1. Food distribution to factory caregivers : We supply food to 60 dogs every week and we need at least 50kg of kibbles.
  2. Sterilization: We catch and sterilize strays to control the stray population on a weekly basis
  3. Rescue and rehabilitation efforts: Rescue dogs who are in pain or require urgent medical attention, the bills incurred here are usually hefty and includes transportation charges and vet bills.
  4. Maintenance and upkeep of existing dogs: We have more than 20 dogs and their long term maintenance costs includes vet bill, medication and food

Each CD costs S$35, inclusive of postage via Registered Mail. Buy all four at $130 inclusive of postage via Registered Mail.

To purchase the Music CDs for your pets, please email us with the following details :

Name :

Mailing Address (for CD delivery during office hours) :

CD Title you wish to purchase

Animal Angels

Animal Healing

Music for Pets

Anima Pura

Total number of CDs  : 
Total amount  :

Payment mode :  DBS / POSB fund transfer or Cheque

We at HOPE thank you for your continued support and wish you all a happy and fulfilling 2015 with woofs and licks from the furry members of Hope Dog Rescue