Looks Aren’t Everything

Let me tell you what I am not – cute, gorgeous, small and fit in a bag. Neither am I a “branded” dog. So based on all these, if I am put up for adoption, I wouldn’t stand a chance against any of those small, cute little fluffy dogs that people go goo-goo ga-ga about.

Sweet Cassie as she is today

However, let me tell you what I am; I was born a stray. I grew up in a deep forested area where every day was a struggle to survive, to stay safe and not be attacked by the stronger dogs, and if I could find food once in every 3 days, that would be a blessing. However, one day I did accidentally cross their paths and they attacked me viciously. Even though I ran and didn’t retaliate, they bit me ferociously, hoping to leave me dead.

Cassie when we rescued her 7 months ago, in August 2014

Finally I got away from them and hid in the forest for what felt like a week, praying hard that they wouldn’t know where I was or smell my blood and come for me again. My neck wound was so bad it literally ran full circle around my neck. Soon flies came and then it became maggot infested. The flesh around my neck was rotting and the maggots were feasting. I was thin as a skeleton by then, and tick infested.

After almost two weeks in hiding, I was so weak and hungry, I walked into a trap set by a dog trapper. They then sent me to the vet. You can read my initial rescue story here about how people stared at me at the vet, torn between feeling sorry for me and disgusted by the maggot stench I was giving out.

I stayed at the vet for almost two months before my wound was fully healed and I was discharged. Anyway, to cut the long story short, I was so timid and wary of people, I wouldn’t even eat if someone was in the same room as me. I was so scared that I leopard crawled my way around.

I was what you would call, a feral dog; I had no contact with humans whatsoever.

The Cassie we have today is happy, affectionate, lovable and easy going

After months of rehabilitation by volunteers and patient, understanding fosters, I am a changed dog. You could say, I’m a brand new dog! I have been through hell and back. I never let that nasty near death incident dampen my spirits. I never look back.

I'm not gorgeous, but I am extremely fun, goofy and grateful for what I have today

Today, I stand tall and proud. I am just barely a year old, but I am one amazing dog. I am goofy and fun-loving. Those who meet me only have good things to say about me. The most common comments I hear are, “this little girl is such a darling dog”, “this girl is so amazing”, “this girl has come such a long way”, “why this girl is so sweet and nobody wants to adopt”, and “we promise to find you a very good home with someone who really deserves you ok?”. So that about sums up what an amazing dog I am. I have the most lovely temperament anyone could ever ask for in a dog. I have never ever attempted to even bite a human or a dog, and I never will. It’s not in my nature to.

I am not good looking, I have a black mask, which some people dislike. I am tall and lanky, not small and fluffy, but what I am, nobody could come close to. I am sweet, pleasant, easy going, I can entertain myself with toys or sleep all day. I can run with you or bask in the sun while you read. I don’t need a garden, I am happy living in an apartment as long as you take me for two long walks a day. I can pee on newspapers, pee pads and grass, I am that good, considering I was a stray not too long ago.

Cassie standing tall and proud

I am not a fussy eater, I eat my greens, I even eat medication without kicking up a fuss. I can play like a mad puppy when you want me to, or I can laze around all day as well. You can open my mouth to check my teeth, force supplements down my throat, I allow that. I get along with children of all ages and sizes, I get on with dogs equally well. If they wish to play, we play. If they want their space, I am non-confrontational and I will just walk away. Now tell me where else would you ever be able to find such a terrific dog?

I used to leopard crawl because I had no confidence and was scared of humans. Now I stand tall and proud, walk so well on leash, I don’t tug, I can heel and sit, I even sit while waiting for the elevator to arrive. And all these I achieved in half a year. I do think I did pretty well! I would prefer to be adopted into a home with another dog, one as nice as me, so we can be the best of friends. But if I am the only dog, I will keep myself entertained. The only issue I still have, although it’s a lot better now, is that I am claustrophobic. Do not lock me in a room or toilet on my own, I will panic and go berserk. Leave me in your hall and allow me to auto-roam and I promise you your house will remain intact.

And now I believe after reading this, I will soon be in popular demand.

To ADOPT me, please email my rescuer at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg

I am a female local crossbreed, about 1 year old. I am fully vaccinated, microchipped, sterilized and in the pink of health! 

I am Cassie.