Milky Has A Home!

Milky grew up as a stray puppy, running dangerously on the streets and playing with the other adult street dogs. We spotted her one night on our regular feeding rounds. Read her story here.

My first encounter with Milky was at the veterinary clinic, where she had just undergone a surgery for her right eyelid. She had Entropion, a genetic disease of the eyelids in which the upper or lower eyelids roll inwards. Milky's right upper eyelid has grown inwards, causing her pain and discomfort, including swelling of her right eye. If left untreated Entropion can lead to corneal scarring, ulceration, erosion, rupture and eventually blindness. Fortunately, we found Milky in time and managed to prevent the unimaginable from happening.

Milky has since found a loving home and boy, are we happy for her! When we put up an appeal for Milky’s adoption on our Facebook page, we were disappointed that Milky only received one enquiry as puppies are usually in demand. However, this one family that enquired about Milky turned out to be the perfect family for her! The oft said ‘it is quality rather than quantity that matters’ is especially apt here.

Three months into Milky’s adoption, fellow volunteers Josephine (a kind lady who helped to foster Milky for a month before she got adopted and is currently fostering Elmo), Weiling and myself visited Milky to check how she was doing in her new found home. When Milky’s adopter, Mabelle, opened the door, we were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a beautiful and graceful dog. Was this Milky? Where did the little puppy go to? She did not bark or growl as we entered the house. She was shy initially and observed us for a while but she soon warmed up to us after she recognised Josephine. Her tail started wagging frenetically and she showered us with plenty of licks. Mabelle's other dog, Fi Fi, was also bouncing around us and playing with Milky at the same time. You could see that the two dogs got along really well. Milky, despite being a puppy, was calm and unassuming.

It was an enjoyable night for us as we basked in the dogs' love (they really gave us many licks) and saw how well Milky fitted into the family. Mabelle's dad, mum and sister, Magdeline, have nothing but praises for Milky. They said that Milky did not give them any problem at all, not even chewing on things or furniture even though she was a puppy when they took her in. She is not fussy with food and eats whatever Mabelle's mum cooks for her. The resident dog, Fi Fi, even shares her bed with Milky and the two of them cuddle up with each other at bedtime. The entire family was all smiles when they talked about Milky, saying how lucky they were to have Milky enter their lives. They address Milky affectionately as Milk Milk. How sweet! Milky is really fortunate to have a family that genuinely cares for her.

We left Mabelle's place with warmth in our hearts. It is not always that we can find perfect homes for the dogs under our charge. In fact there will almost always be teething problems such as our dogs not getting along with the adopter's dog and/or children and the list goes on. We thank Milky’s lucky stars in the Milky way for letting Milky and this kind family meet. We hope that other dogs will be as lucky as Milky too. If you wish to experience the joy that Mabelle’s family has experienced with the addition of Milky to their lives and have the space and love in your home and heart for a fur baby in your home, please contact us at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg. Thank you!