Adoption Drive This Saturday and Harper’s Birthday Bash!

“How much is that doggy in the window? Woof woof! The one with the waggly tail. How much is that doggy in the window? Woof woof! I do hope that doggy's for sale.” We’re not into selling puppies and we definitely don’t promote that but have you, like Patti Page, always wanted to bring a dog home? If so, do come down to our a-dog-tion drive at Cornerstone Café in Bishan Park on Saturday, 4 April 2015! 8 of our dogs will be there to meet you and volunteers will be on hand to answer any queries you may have.

While we will not be bringing cute little puppies that you would swoon over, we do however have one Baby Lily that will be coming by and our adult dogs who are just as charming or even more charming than puppies and less work than puppies. Instead of supporting the cruelty of puppy mills, you would be saving a life (make that two lives since you would free up our resources for another dog to be rescued, perhaps even three, since the addition of a fur baby to your home could change your life for good) and gaining a loyal companion and unconditional love. So what are you waiting for? Adopt a dog and save two (or three!) lives today!   

Date : 4 April (Saturday) 2015
Time : 11.00am to 3.30pm
Venue : The Cornerstone Cafe (Bishan Park) 

Without further ado, let us introduce you to the darlings who are still looking for their forever home. *drum roll* First up, we have Attractive Asher

Rescued when he was just a palm sized puppy with maggot wounds almost as large as his tiny body, Asher is now 10 months old and extremely suave looking. He is tall, dark and handsome – what more could you ask for? Asher is well-behaved and well-mannered. Although he is still considered a puppy, he is polite, sweet, charming and obedient. Asher walks well on leash, gets on with other dogs and love being a family dog. He is fine with toddlers and shows no signs of any aggression whatsoever.

Asher resembles a Great Dane and because he is tall and lanky, he is not HDB approved.
Come on down and meet him, he would love to give you a lick!

Next, we have Bashful Blake

Blake has been waiting 16 months for a home of his own. He is a sweetheart and gets on with dogs as well as young children. He is non-confrontational and easy-going. Blake is a little wary with traffic and loud noises but with time and exposure, he will soon overcome those fears.

Read his rescue story here.

Blake is a male local crossbreed, estimated to be about 1 ½ years old. He is fully vaccinated, sterilized and in perfect health. He enjoys long walks in the park and is outdoor trained. He has no separation anxieties and can be left home alone while you are at work.

Will you give handsome Blake a home? Come meet him and maybe he’s just the one you’ve been searching for.

Charming Cassie will also be attending our adoption drive!

Amongst our team of volunteers, Cassie is known internally as the world’s best dog and trust us, she truly is! She is just about a year old and had gone through hell and back with a neck wound so large that her head was almost falling off.

Completely healed, 100% rehabilitated, Cassie is the sweetest, goofiest dog you will ever find. She is easy going, knows her boundaries, extremely obedient, knows when to play and when to chill. She is affectionate, extremely loyal and has zero aggression. She gets on excellently with any dog and is non-confrontational. She also loves children and allows us to open her mouth, feed medication, touch her food etc – you couldn’t ask for more.

You must meet her to believe us and we reckon that the family who adopts Cassie would be the luckiest people on earth because that’s how good Cassie is.

Dawn the Dame will be at the drive to meet potential adopters too! 

Dawn is a senior dog who spent all her life being a watchdog in a factory. She was ferocious and guarded her factory with pride. Three years back, a car hit her and snapped her leg. After amputation, she returned to the factory and continued her job as a guard dog. She was not only an excellent guard dog, she was also the alpha dog in the factory.

Finally last year we decided that she should retire as she seemed very tired and her three legs were getting weak. She was still pretty ferocious and territorial and it took the foster a month or so before she could pat her and gain her trust.

Today, Dawn is a changed dog; she is affectionate, sweet and well-behaved because she has finally realized that she is no longer a guard dog. She has retired and she is a pet.

Do you want to be happy? Adopt Happy

Happy is a fun, extremely easy going dog. She is easily contented and keeps herself entertained playing with toys or in the garden. She gets on well with dogs and older, calmer children.

Happy is a female local crossbreed, estimated to be about 3 years old. She is tall, gorgeous and can be a possible blood donor. That would mean you saving her life and she saving more lives!

Happy is fully vaccinated, sterilized and in perfect health. She is tall and pretty well built, thus not HDB approved.

Lovely Lily will also be there! 

Always wanted a puppy? Baby Lily is going to make her first public appearance (and Dawn too!) so if you would like a gorgeous, intelligent puppy, come on down and meet this cute puppy in “dogson”. She is just about 3 months old and a bundle of joy to have in anyone’s home!

Smart Sida will also be attending the adoption drive! 

Having had her life shattered by a careless, irresponsible driver, brave SiDa has managed to forget about her past, rebuild her life, and move on. She no longer has the use of her hind legs and is incontinent but SiDa is one dog that has amazing resilience and fighting spirit.

Read her rescue story here 

She is still the alpha dog, feared by many dogs and commanding great respect from the younger dogs, despite not being too old herself. As a special needs dog, SiDa really isn’t too difficult to care for; all she needs is her daily walks on her wheelchair, hydrotherapy to keep her limbs from wasting away and a loving mommy to clean her up whenever she pees / poos. That’s really not very much to ask for, for a dog who had her entire future taken away in a moment of recklessness.

SiDa is a local crossbreed, estimated to be about 4 years old and in perfect health, save for the occasional UTI which is common in dogs who are incontinent.

Of course, how can we forget our showstopper, Harper? Guess what? We think Harper's birthday might be in April and we always find reason to celebrate!  The little one would be so happy if you could come down to our adoption drive and bring her dog pals home. That would be the best birthday present for her! We will be throwing a surprise party for her at the adoption drive at 3 p.m. and all our dogs are looking forward to that . . . someone must have leaked that secret. Harper's cake is kindly sponsored by The Barkery so come and soak in the fun and to join paws with Harper in her celebration! For those who do not know who Harper is, you may watch her video here and read her story here. Her German Shepherd appearance belies her cheeky and fun nature. Even though life has not been the kindest to Harper, she has persevered on and been a fighter. She has brought cheer to all our volunteers. We never fail to be amazed by Harper’s resilience and determination and are so proud of how far she has come. Harper has never given up in the face of adversity and has embraced life with her cheeky smile and active hops. It is amazing how she is able to hop quicker than some of our dogs run and how she has proven the doctors wrong when they said we should put Harper down and she will never walk. Even though poor Harper has no family to celebrate with, she celebrates life and is cause for celebration herself. When we look at her, we see the bounty of life and are inspired to hop on with her, no matter how tough life gets at times. 

Harper cannot harp enough on the significance of the upcoming adoption drive and hopes to see you there! Won’t you attend it fur her? *puppy eyes* We are sure you will fall head over heels in love with our lovely dogs and the love you experience will endure and be more than just puppy love. Do paw-p by our a-dog-tion drive! On behalf of our dog pals, bow wow (thank you)! 

Written by Ng Weiling