Harper's Vet Visit (Update)

Harper had a little poop accident at the vet. She was so afraid of being flipped on her side for the cardiac ultrasound that she had diarrhea. The good news is that the poop accident was the worst of it. 

Harper, during the cardiac ultrasound 

The ultrasound results showed that her heart functions are normal. We also ran a blood test and it showed elevated liver readings, which could be due to her diet. Harper is usually on a diet of cooked duck's breast but we have been feeding her chicken or beef lately since she cannot be tempted to eat anything else. 

Extremely worried about having her blood pressure taken. She was so stressed from the ultrasound that we had to rest for 20 minutes before the blood pressure test 

Thankfully, the liver readings were only slightly elevated and there was no cause for concern. We also discovered a small sore on her inner paw which may be caused by an ant bite which Harper would not have been able to feel. 

Something must have bitten Harper's paw 

Drawing blood to check kidney and liver functions 

Harper is still lethargic and sleeping more than usual. She also seems to be processing things slower which may be due to the deterioration of her nerves and the impact on the brain. For now, we hope to take her out as much as we can to give her the best experiences for as long as she is able to enjoy them. 

Cleaning her wound on her paw 

Written by : Sam