Mr Aziz. Kindness Knows No Barriers

Working as volunteers in an animal welfare group, we often see dogs that have witnessed a lot of unkindness. Cases of abandonment, abuse, neglect, etc. are all par for the course.

But we have also met people who show real kindness to animals too. And it's these people who really stand out in our memory. After all, isn't it much more heartwarming to hear and tell tales of kindness rather than of cruelty? Today, our story is about Mr Aziz. Although he is a Muslim man, his dedication towards helping street dogs is truly inspiring and unforgettable.

Our two favourite old men <3 <3

We first met Mr Aziz five years ago, when he saved Matthieu, an old street dog. Mr Aziz had been feeding and caring for Matthieu for 2 years, when Matthieu unfortunately met with an accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Without his care and intervention, Matthieu would surely have wasted away and died a slow, sad death alone at the work site. Although HOPE stepped in to take care of Matthieu's medical needs, Mr Aziz and his family remained involved in Matthieu's recovery and visited him at the vet. Mr Aziz would even pat Matthieu gently on the head.

Although Matthieu still doesn't yet have a permanent home, he's doing very well today in the care of a foster family. Despite being at the grand old age of 15, Matthieu's memory is still very good. When Mr Aziz visits (once or twice a year), Matthieu never fails to light up in happiness and recognition.

Mr Aziz was also the person who saved Baby Harper, another "diaper dog". But Harper, 4+ years old now and also up for adoption, doesn’t remember Mr Aziz because she was less than 2 months old when he saved her :)

What a kind man Mr Aziz is! 

Today, Mr Aziz still continues to feed more than 20 street dogs that live around an industrial area. We help him out by supplying dog food to him on a monthly basis. Unfortunately, we can't always afford enough food for all the dogs. On the days when food is short, Mr Aziz would buy 10 loaves of bread with money out of his own pocket to feed the dogs, so that they will not go hungry.

That's how it's been for the last 5 years - Mr Aziz and HOPE Dog Rescue together, feeding dogs and saving dogs. We are truly touched and inspired that Mr Aziz has remained so dedicated and kind to all these street dogs. As people who care for the well-being of animals, all of us are just doing the best we can. And we'll continue to supply food to Mr Aziz, for as long as he is willing and able to feed the dogs.

You, too, could play a part! Help us and Mr Aziz by contributing some dog food. Purchase BARK kibbles from Pet HQ, pay by online funds transfer, and they will deliver your order directly to us. Fuss-free and simple for you, yet it will mean so much to us, Mr Aziz, and all the dogs that he feeds. Just call Peggy at one of the numbers below to place an order.

Tel: 6265 8510 / 9661 6103

A little kindness goes a long way! Will you lend us your helping hand?