Update: Baby Sugar (IV)

It’s been a week after Baby Sugar’s surgery to insert an external fixator and try to save her leg. She was back at the vet for a review.

3 months into life and she has never known happiness

Have you ever seen such a sad puppy?  Puppies are supposed to be happy and boisterous. 

Watch her here.

Her wound was bleeding a little because callouses had formed, causing her leg to swell and push against the external fixator. The vet used a spanner to loosen the fixator. Throughout this process, Sugar just lay on the table comfortably, allowing the vet to do all that without a single protest. Pretty amazing for a tiny 2.5 month old puppy.

Trying her best to hold herself up

Checking on her other wounds

Sugar is really sugar, she is such a pleasant dog. Even the vet kept commenting what a darling dog she is.

The vet adjusting her external fixator and look at that sweetheart just lying there!!

In our eyes, Sugar is a PERFECT PUPPY <3

Her wound was bleeding because the external fixator was too tight

After adjusting; the metal must never touch her skin - which is why she needs to return every week to have it adjusted

Sugar has lost a few hundred grams but hopefully will start eating better. We discovered something else too, her front right leg is deformed. 

Her front right leg is deformed. She was probably born this way and will require a surgery when she is fully grown.

The vet says she would need another surgery when she is fully grown, to insert a metal plate in her front leg. That metal would remain in her leg forever.

Sugar taking her first steps at the vet

We're in this with you, Sugar <3

Such a pretty & perfect puppy

Poor Sugar, her problems seem never–ending.

Email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg if you'd like to help baby Sugar.