Update: Baby Sugar (II)

Sugar has been discharged from the vet. She's now temporarily under the care of a HOPE volunteer, and we're in the process of looking for a foster home for her.

Watch her video here.

Eyes that show no emotion

Sugar needs to be fed 3 to 4 meals a day. Her current caregiver is monitoring her wound closely to make sure that it's healing well, and that it's not bleeding or weeping pus. Since her surgery last week, Sugar has tried to get up and put weight on 3 of her legs, but she's still in too much pain to stand properly. The vet expects recovery to be slow.

Holed up in a corner, that's all she does 

The vet also commented that Sugar is terrified of everything, such as the vacuum cleaner at the vet's office, and any sudden or loud sounds. Poor Sugar spends a lot of time huddled up in fear and shivering in the corner of her cage. It seems like she isn't just timid, but has actually been badly traumatized in some way. You can just take one look at her eyes and immediately see how much pain and fear she's in. One of the volunteers even asked, "I wonder what she has seen that has made such a young one become this way?"

Sugar with her external fixator to hold her shattered bones in place
Sugar has a large open wound under her left arm, probably got scraped when she took a tumble

Shortly after this photo was taken, she crawled off the bed. She doesn't yet know what a bed is for and prefers lying on pee pads. If you would like to donate a waterproof bed, please let us know. (for easy cleaning)

At least, we're relieved that Sugar has started eating again, even though her appetite is extremely poor. She is also now free from ticks and fleas. She will be back to the vet for a review in 1 week's time, and we hope that she'll have made more progress by then.

If you are able to foster Sugar or would like to know more about fostering requirements, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.

Written by: Elena