Update : Baby Sugar

Baby Sugar went in for surgery yesterday. The 3-hour surgery was successful, and she will remain at the vet for observation and recovery until the weekend. She's still not feeling well, is not eating and her spirits are very low. Poor baby.

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3-month-old Baby Sugar was found on the fourth floor of a multi-storey carpark, with injuries on her face and body. The vet suspects that she had been hit by a motorcycle.

Just out of her surgery

She has an eternal fixator on her leg, to hold her bones in place

Her right leg was completely shattered, so the vet had no choice but to use an external fixator to provide stability during healing. Since she is a young puppy, her bones are still growing rapidly, and the vet might need to make adjustments to the external fixator as Sugar slowly heals. She will have to come back to the vet every week for a review. If all goes well, the external fixator can be removed in about 6 weeks.

So much suffering for a tiny puppy just 3 months into life

Sugar will be discharged from the vet in a few days, but she still needs post-surgery care to ensure that her wound remains clean and free from infection. She will be fed 4 meals a day, given cage rest, and restricted to minimal movement. 

If you are able to help with Sugar's vet bills, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.

Sugar thanks everyone for showing her kindness, and we can’t wait to see her well and cheerful again!

Written by: Elena