Bobby Boy

It has been a most tumultuous and busy month. There were numerous new rescues which have been so heartbreaking but also brought an outpouring of help that overwhelmed and touched us. Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!

Aside from the new rescues, Bobby, one of our darlings has been admitted to the vet as well.  

Brave Bobby
As updated previously, his ear infection was getting worse with pus oozing out and he seemed to be in great discomfort. He also had fresh blood flowing from his genitals in drops or at times, gushes, to the stage where blood was more than his pee. This has been going on for weeks. We visited the vet several times and antibiotics were prescribed but these did not work.  The vet recommended an operation to open his ear canal to get to the root of the problem and perform a procedure called an endoscopy and at the same time to try to find out what was causing the bleeding from his genitals. During an Endoscopy a small flexible tube with a tiny light and camera attached to the end is used to inspect the internal organs. The camera sends images back to a screen so the doctor can see what is happening inside the body. We had many concerns prior to the operation. Money is one although we don’t usually pay much heed to it (we are always broke anyway), but most importantly, Bobby has a heart murmur which means that there is a possibility that he may not wake up from the operation after being administered a General Anesthetic. The risk of General Anesthetic is also one reason why we can’t sterilize dogs with heartworm until they have fully recovered. A weak heart may not take the stress, but in the end we went ahead with it.

Bobby at the vet
Blood in pee
Bobby is old but his determination, willpower and his progress has so far amazed us. Another push factor is that his bad days seem to have increased recently and we do not want him to spend the rest of his life in pain and discomfort. But we have full trust in Bobby that he will get over this next hurdle in life. After all, he is one of our miracle babies albeit a very old one.

The vet will be opening up his ear which has been a great mystery other than its pus producing capabilities. It can be filled with maggots or it can be cancerous or surprise! Even the vet doesn't know what to expect. As for his genital bleeding, to be very honest, we are praying it’s not caused by cancer as we have no idea what could have caused him to bleed continuously for weeks. It is therefore with mixed feelings that we send him in but all we can do is pray that it turns out for the best. Bobby went for his operation yesterday (9 Jan 2015).


Voila! Isn’t it nice when you don’t have to wait for hours for the news and everything is updated in one article? I really hate waiting for the call from the vet! Anyway, to set your fluttering hearts at rest Bobby has woken up from his surgery and is eating and drinking well, and his humongous appetite is back!

Still smiling until he had to go back to the vet
Blood from his genitals
The vet has reconstructed his ear and cleaned up all the gooey pus in his ear. They have also taken a sample to the lab for a biopsy and culture test to understand the exact cause to better treat it, AND the endoscopy and ultrasound has detected NO MASS and NO TVT lesion! Almost whooped in joy over this news although of course, this doesn't immediately rule out cancer but no news is good news! However, his bladder is swollen and inflamed which is most likely caused by his urinary tract being more open as a result of his previous surgery and is therefore more susceptible to infection. A urine sample has been taken for testing and stronger antibiotics prescribed to resolve the infection.

Although we do not have the full picture yet as we still have to wait for the lab results which can take up to 6 weeks, our very worst fears are set to rest for the time being at least. Bobby is back at his foster’s place and he is blessed with the kindest and sweetest foster who is so worried and concerned about him that she went down all the way to the vet to pick him up personally.

Bobby’s recovery is really a winding road filled with turns and bumps. Alas, his ear opening has sealed shut again and he will need to go for a corrective surgery today to reopen the opening and this time round, the vet will make a bigger incision to prevent it from sealing shut again.

It has been a long long long road to recovery and I hope our dear boy can finally enjoy his new life free from pain soon. As Bobby will be going for yet another surgery this afternoon, please keep him in your prayers.

If you will like to contribute to Bobby’s vet bills or thinking of adopting a senior dog who can teach you much about patience, determination and positivity, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg

There we go, Bobby not wanting to go in

Written by Wendy Yeo