The Streets To Nowhere (Part 3)

Our sweet Zoey went for her surgery on Wednesday to have her wounds cleaned and her mammary tissue removed. However, as her wound is too huge, only the top and bottom section of the wound could be closed. The mid section of her wound is still open as there isn't enough skin to close it. Zoey's blood count was really low during the surgery and needed an emergency blood transfusion. Thankfully, canine blood donor, Blur, came to her rescue. His very nice owners immediately brought him down to the vet upon hearing our emergency call. Zoey's blood count increased from 17 to 22 after the transfusion. Her blood count is still considered low despite the blood transfusion. Normal range is above 35. The vet advised that wound management is the priority now because Zoey is still at risk to septicemia. Currently, we need to wait for her wound to granulate before another surgery can be performed to try to close her stomach, and this could take from a few days to weeks depending on her recovery.

Zoey after her surgery
Zoey's canine blood donor, Blur
After surgery and having a blood transfusion

On top of her huge stomach wound, poor Zoey also has a fractured right hip to deal with but this will be managed at a later date. Life has really been rough and bumpy for poor Zoey.

Zoey and her precious sole survivor, tiny Lily
Still groggy after surgery
4 days old
Zoey is more alert today but her appetite is not great yet. Sweet mummy Zoey is very responsible and tried to take care of her precious sole survivor, little Lily, despite being in pain and not in her best condition.  Moreover, these movements will only aggravate her wound more thus we have no choice but to separate them. Our call for foster for little Lily was answered and she went to her foster home last night. We were told that Zoey's stillborn puppies were found to be with broken ribs and slight deformed features, most likely caused by the impact of the accident. Such is the sad life of the strays. We pray that little Lily will grow up normal and healthy. 

Umbilical cord still on. This will drop off within the next few days
Tiny little paws
This morning, we will be taking Zoey to Dr Ly for a second opinion, just to ensure that we are on the right track in terms of surgery and options..

Zoey will be required to stay at the vet for a long time due to the condition of her body and wound. If you are able to help with her vet bills, please email us at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg

Written by Venetia Neo