Handsome Walter Awaits His Home

Walter is the sweetest goofball you'll know, with the constant curious expression on his smart and extremely handsome face. Being as independent as he is, he does great when he's on his own and spends his time exploring and smelling.

In a comfortable environment, he can even do tricks like sit and paw in exchange for treats. Once he is relaxed and settled, you begin to see his playful side emerging. He is sociable with people once he gets to know them and responds well to treats. He will then be the sweetest and most loyal dog for his new owner just like how he is extremely attached to the regular volunteers that walk him at his boarding place. He can be a little nervous around other dogs on the first encounter especially if they are overly excited in his personal space but once he gets to know them he is fine and gets along well with them.

Walter needs a firm and assertive owner to guide and nurture him as he can be distracted.  A great activity with Walter would be to jog with him as this allows him to expand his energy as well as learning to focus. He loves jogs and is the best companion for your exercise routine. He does not bark or make commotions when he is walking, even at the sight of common stimuli like other dogs, even those that bark at him, bicycles, skateboards, birds or joggers etc. Unlike most male dogs, Walter doesn’t mark at all. He just pees once and is ready to go for a good walk with you. As well-behaved as he is, he has the potential to be your loyal and treasured companion.

Walter is a handsome local crossbreed, estimated to be less than 2 years old. Fully vaccinated, sterilized and in perfect health.

Walter needs a foster / adopter. Email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg