The Streets To Nowhere (Part 2)

Despite her stomach being torn apart and her hip fractured, brave Mommy Zoey still managed to hang tough and give birth to her babies. However, possibly due to the impact or her other conditions, two puppies were born dead last night. The other three were born this afternoon, with 2 of them stillborn. The last and only survivor we named Lily – to celebrate her purity and innocence despite being born in such desperate conditions.

Amazing Zoey and her precious baby , Lily

Today, a kind man, together with his dog, Blur, responded to our appeal for blood donors and came forward for the blood typing. A blood transfusion was not done today, and the blood typing was only to ensure that we had suitable blood ready for Zoey in case of any emergencies as her red blood count and blood pressure is still constantly dropping.  As with that of Thumbie’s case, the previous dog that came to donate blood to Zoey, Blur was the only dog that came for the blood typing, and it actually matched that of Zoey’s! Perhaps these are signs that Zoey’s time is not up yet and she is headed towards brighter days ahead. 

Sweetheart, Blur, the second dog to donate blood to Zoey

Zoey definitely felt much better after pushing out her puppies and managed to finally eat a proper meal tonight. A superb mother, Zoey licked her surviving puppy clean after she was born and was also extremely concerned each time the puppy cried. However, due to Zoey’s stomach wound, she would be unable to nurse her puppy Lily and hence we urgently need a foster that can help to nurse Lily. Lily would need to be bottle fed milk every two hourly for the first few weeks before subsequently having to be fed every 4 hourly.

The sole survivor, Lily

After the ordeal, the vets were of the view that Zoey was too weak and exhausted to go under GA and go through another surgery today. Hence, her operation would be postponed to tomorrow. The surgery would be to clean her huge stomach wound and remove as much of her dead skin cells as possible. The blood transfusion would be done tomorrow as well, after Zoey’s surgery.

A face that has weathered many storms 
Tough Zoey, despite her excruciating pain, ensured her puppies were delivered 

We would like to thank everyone for stepping forward to help out with Zoey in every way possible. We would like to specially thank the blood donors Thumbie and Blur and their owners for stepping forward to donate blood to Zoey and saving her life. We would also thank all donors that have contributed to Zoey’s vet bills so far.

To foster puppy Lily, or to help with Zoey’s vet bills, please email to hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg