Bradley Has Returned To His Factory

Bradley has been discharged!!! *throws confetti*

This is the best news we’ve had in a while. After his life changing (or should I say sex changing) operation, Bradley was on a course of 4 weekly Vincristine jabs, a form of chemo drug. Last Friday was his last jab and upon examination, he was deemed to have fully recovered and his discharge was scheduled on Monday! He had spent a total of 5 weeks at the vet. 

Bradley hated the e-collar and would constantly remove it on his own

He would then have his temper tantrums and crumple his pee pads and newspaper and throw them into his food bowl. He were thoroughly amused! 

Bradley is a strong and young boy who loves his freedom. His youth and strength are his biggest weapons in fighting this scary tumour which almost took his life. In fact, we were amazed at his rapid recovery. On the second day after his operation, he glared at me when I visited and used his paw to bang on the cage door, ensuring I was aware of his displeasure. Subsequent visits saw him shredding his pee pads and stuffing all the newspapers into his water bowl. I knew then, this boy would definitely make it. However, the one single factor which played the most important role in his recovery is of course his fans who rallied and donated financially as well as supported him emotionally. Thank you for allowing us to be able to seek treatment for him. Thank you for keeping him in your prayers and leaving kind words on our Facebook page or email. Thank you for rallying behind a sick stray dog who had no one but now has everyone rooting for him.

All set to be discharged!

Bradley has been a stray all his life and is what we call a feral dog, he values his freedom above all else and taking it away is akin to suffocation. During the 5 weeks of hospitalization, he bonded with no one and hated the boundaries set for him. He did not allow anyone near and would not trust anyone either. Thus, the decision was made to return him to the only home he knew, upon his full recovery.

He was worried as he didn't know where he was going

This is how big and strong Bradley is, thanks to all our volunteers who religiously cooked and delivered food to him at the vet every day for 5 weeks! Bradley loves you for that!

His wound has healed! He is perfect again!

Many a times in the past, I felt very sorry for strays, but after I started volunteering however, I realized that some dogs will never be at home in a house and can never be domesticated. Some humans are like that too, free spirited and not bound by rules or boundaries. If confined, they will always try to escape and leashing or caging them would not seem fair. After all, we are supposed to help them and not make life more unbearable.

As we drove near his factory, his eyes lit up and he started smiling. He must have missed that old familiar smell of his factory. As soon as we opened the carrier, he zoomed full speed into his factory and never looked back. Although Bradley lives in a vacant factory, he has a feeder and caregiver who feeds him daily, the same lady who helped us catch him when he was sick.

He smile when he realized he was nearing his factory
It was a bittersweet feeling, watching him go back to the streets, after having known him for 5 weeks but alas, this is part and parcel of what we do, providing medical aid to street dogs. Not all dogs want to be rehomed.

Fear not, this journey does not end here. Like all our dogs that we have returned, we continue to keep in touch and follow up. Bradley’s feeder will inform us immediately if he is unwell or hurt.  

Dear Bradley, although you have always growled at me menacingly and warned me with your stares when I merely stop in front of your cage, I only wish the best for you. Now that you are free from pain and illness, have lots of fun and adventure! We will always remember you. Lots of Love, Hope Dog Rescue.

Written by Wendy Yeo