Cody’s Update

Great news! Cody just went for his vet review and the vet noted that Cody has made superb progress! He has managed to gain 3kg and is now at 18kg! Yeah, what a piece of good news amidst the recent spate of negative news we have on our rescues.

His paws are less raw

He has put on some weight and looks rounded
Cody had his 2nd and 3rd heartworm injections last week and was warded overnight at the vet. Dr. Poh did a skin scrape to check for the presence of demodex and unfortunately, the result is still positive. We will run another blood test during his next vet visit to test for heartworm to make sure the treatment is working well on him.

No longer see his ribs

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Denise Poh for her dedication in helping to treat Cody. Dr. Poh would personally call to inquire on Cody’s progress and updates which is very much appreciated. A special thanks too, to all our volunteers who helped cooked nutritious and yummy food for our dogs! Cody would not be able to gain this much weight without your contribution and dedication.

Cody is presently housed in a commercial boarding facility. If you can foster him, even if it’s your front porch or sheltered garden, Cody would be the happiest dog around!